Variations on the Theme
I am not including a pumpkin pie recipe because they are a dime a dozen. Just follow your favorite recipe and try it this time with real Long Island cheese pumpkin instead of that canned stuff. I would suggest roasting or microwaving rather than...
Here is the recipe for broccoli and Cheetos from chef Craig Koketsu of Park Avenue restaurant in Manhattan.
Applesauce Let’s start with the simplest recipe, applesauce. You can leave out the butter, but it does give it a nice, rich consistency.  Serves eight. 2 lbs. tart apples, such as Granny Smith, peeled, cored, and chopped 1/4 cup or more...
Summer Flavors for Winter Days
Cooking 101

Serves four.  3 cups washed fresh blackberries 6 Tbsp. (3/4 stick) butter, softened 2/3 cup light brown sugar
You can find great recipes for ratatouille, caponata, and eggplant Parmesan in any good cookbook. These are great for combining all the vegetables that are plentiful right now — eggplant, tomatoes, zucchini, etc. But let’s get off the leash for a...

Combine equal weights of fruit puree and sugar in a large heavy pot, one that allows several inches of headroom between the mixture and the top of the pot.
Cook Them While You Can
These recipes are from Maria Loi and Sarah Toland’s “The Greek Diet.” The beet dip is delicious with toasted whole grain pita chips or zucchini croquettes.
Breadzilla Is Going Strong
White Bread and Sherbet