There is understandable concern in the fishing community as to how offshore wind will affect their livelihood, but how many are aware of the threat to fishing posed by burning fossil fuels?

When patients are first diagnosed with cancer, they are faced with a psychological crisis in the form of emotional trauma.

The downtown Montauk beach has been destroyed, and, sadly, we predicted this would happen.

You don’t go to diners for the food, but for solace. The booths are like confessionals in which you spill out your angst.

One man's Bette Davis obsession, stirred by the recent FX series “Feud,” set during and after the filming of the legendary “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

With a single bumper sticker I took sides in a war between the dying ranks of stay-at-home moms and the burgeoning throngs of working mothers.

Memories and aftereffects of a thousand foul tips delivered flush into my catcher's mask.

I coined the term “nostalgia friendships” after someone I’ve known for a quarter-century remarked, “I hope you don’t feel you’re meeting me out of nostalgia.” But I was.

The March for Science on April 22 in Washington, D.C., will emphasize that scientific findings should not be ignored by policy makers or made partisan.

It was in 1972 that Dr. Al Mott came up with the idea for a pageant that would honor the accomplishments, dignity, and inner beauty of women over 60.

A worthy organization flying under the radar and started by an East Hamptoner now needs help.

What if the collaborative brain power that went into the smartphone were applied to society's most intractable problems?

Without the heart to end the lives of the mice that invade our home every winter, I continue to stand on stools with a broomstick and shriek.