I have the teaching experience, the education, and the dedication, but I have no gun. So why do I want a gun? Let me count the ways . . .

With sensible legislation, the gun violence afflicting too many of our neighborhoods and schools doesn't have to be routine. Kids don't have to keep dying. (Guestwords by State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr.)

In his hard-knocks early years, Rocky Graziano was headed for a life of nothing but crime and incarceration, but the legendary puncher turned it around, winning the middleweight crown in 1947, earning a parade and a telegram from President Truman.

In the mountains there is no doubt as to global warming’s effects: Glaciers that were once tourist attractions have disappeared and famous peaks like Eiger and Matterhorn are coming apart.

In January I was sentenced for protesting the black bear hunt in New Jersey. I hope my experience proves useful.
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I don’t need to be reminded I’m getting old when I’m on a pleasant afternoon jaunt shopping for dinner with friends in blissful, if temporary, obliviousness to the passage of time and the nearness of death.

Ah, the largely independent joys of this thing they call an apartnership.

If you knew what’s really in those detergents and softeners, you might change your laundry routine forever.

In hindsight, the Beatles were as Nobel worthy as Bob Dylan or Albert Einstein. Original, thoughtful, creative rebels, they rejected what came before them.

Bernadette Peters with me in the audience? On two opening nights 20 years apart? And now she’s got her own opening night in “Hello, Dolly!” on Jan. 20.

A First Congressional District candidate with a scientific background emphasizes environmental protection.
If “battling cancer” has long been a misguided metaphor, it seems spectacularly inapposite in connection with the redoubtable John McCain.