The New York State Legislature is considering a bill that would permit undocumented immigrants to apply for standard driver’s licenses. One of its co-sponsors, Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr., writes in support of it.

Improving the health and welfare of women in countries most of us will never visit is in our enlightened self-interest. Their well-being affects ours.

Investigating an East Hamptoner’s Revolutionary-era absence leads to a deep dive into family history, the story of an old house, and a chase after spinning tangents.

It’s 1975, I’m 16 years old, and one day I’m going to write a great book, “How to Understand Students.” It’ll help clueless adults in encouraging kids to read — the good stuff, exciting and cool books that relate to our lives.

Among American Jews, Passover is the most celebrated holiday, and the most meaningful, when extraordinary conversation tops less-than-appetizing food.

Reading the subtitles of a film or a television series sounds as if it betrays the essence of the medium itself, telling stories through dialogue rather than showing them through visuals. But there are benefits to your divided attention. Read on.

My fellow inmates knew I was a 75-year-old college professor who owned a farm sanctuary and was in jail to protest the New Jersey bear hunts. Several told me they didn’t necessarily agree with me, but they respected me for acting on my convictions.

Too many leaders, from Donald Trump to Theresa May to Vladimir Putin, see international relations as an adversarial zero-sum game, and yet the interdependent networks of globalization are not so easily undone.

Twenty-nine years have passed since Nelson Mandela completed his “long walk to freedom.” So what’s new in the rainbow nation of South Africa? A lot. And a lot’s the same.

For the dentally challenged, a brotherhood and sisterhood long unrecognized, here are some creative cookery solutions, a roadmap of good eating and good nutrition.

My child-rearing days long behind me, when my son asked me to watch my 16-month-old granddaughter for a few days I wondered if I still had it in me.

Regarding the proposed South Fork Wind Farm off Montauk, I’d like to suggest a couple of basic principles that I think people of good will can accept.

A look at life outside the ring with Rocky Graziano, the last of the greats of boxing’s golden age.

Ah, the pleasure and utility of an impish digital doppelganger.

A LIPA trustee puzzles over Assemblyman Fred Thiele’s withdrawal of his support for the South Fork Wind Farm project off Montauk.

A flooded basement and an imperiled comic book collection transport our correspondent back to Rockaway Beach circa 1965.

Parallel universes used to be the province of science fiction, but they, like time travel, may provide a mode of personality change for members of societies that crop up across time and space in the wake of discoveries in the Large Hadron Collider.

The arduous grind to provide reasonable housing at reasonable rents for East Hampton’s labor-force families was thwarted three years ago by a complaint from the board of the Wainscott School. Now it’s on the front burner again. Let’s not blow it.

It’s easy to say that Namibia is “a land that time forgot,” or even “a people that time forgot.” But millenniums ago, the Khoisan learned and adopted a way of life that served them well.