In the annals of jaw-dropping East Hampton political miscalculation, the bugging of the town trustees office is a new low.
The senseless destruction of the Maidstone Park ball field last week caused outrage and disbelief. But it also should serve as a reminder of how important organized youth baseball and softball are in this community, and the admirable commitment of...
Why should some residents hate summer here? We think this is a shame, and that it is the responsibility of the East Hampton Town Board and political challengers to consider a recalibration.
Albany could make New York’s roads safer with one simple measure: reinstating rules that allowed people who are not in the United States legally to apply for driver’s licenses.
At a gathering this week, a longtime friend asked a question that pretty much everyone I know seems to be facing lately, as we all think about downsizing and decluttering: What in the world are we going to do with all of these books?
The unfortunate reappearance of measles in this country should send a clear message that science works. It also has a bearing on several other controveries that actually should be nonissues — climate science, for one.
A bill signed by Governor Cuomo sends an important message that New York wants no part of the White House’s push to reopen offshore federal waters to oil drilling.
We can understand how the people and groups asking to limit hunting on East Hampton Town’s lands to just one day per weekend feel. But that does not mean we agree.
This is hogwash, but that nearly everyone now in federal government — elected, unelected, and seeking the Democratic nomination to run for president — has so far gone along with it is the genuine crisis.
East Hampton Town officials should tell Tesla to take a hike. The company recently renewed a pitch to install a charging station for its cars on public property in Montauk.
In the absence of a meaningful top-of-the-ticket campaign for East Hampton Town Board this year, the time is right for voters to focus their attention on how the town trustees are chosen.
About every expert on coastal erosion and sea level rise will tell you that the only solution for at-risk areas is to retreat. But right now, the only significant retreat appears to be by the East Hampton Town Board, which collapsed notably amid ill...
In the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, there is a reminder of how buildings can hold a community together. Churches, old houses, beloved places provide a feeling of permanence in an impermanent world. They give us a sense of who we are, simply because...
The Long Island Rail Road’s South Fork shuttle train service was launched with high hopes in March. The experiment was years in the coming. Public-transportation advocates and elected officials had long considered trains to be the most likely...
The East Hampton Town Trustees appear close to drastically changing the way they manage the rented sites of the old fishing cottages at Lazy Point.
With the passage of its 2019 budget bill, New York State will become the second in the nation to prohibit so-called single-use shopping bags. Southampton Village was the first in the state to do so; East Hampton Village followed in the summer of...
It is generally said the reason for a perennial labor shortage on the South Fork is that housing is too expensive for people who want to work here.
It’s the little things that count, and that is especially true in controlling pollution in our homes and environment.
Participants in a county grant program that helps residents replace old septic systems with state-of-the-art equipment — equipment designed to lessen the impact of nitrogen waste on our water table — were unpleasantly surprised to learn recently...