Trestle Work Pushed Back

The replacement of the railroad trestles that cross North Main Street and Accabonac Road in East Hampton Village, which had been scheduled for next month, will happen in October or November, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said yesterday. 

The trestles, which are renowned for being struck by trucks, will be raised from 11 to 14 feet high with the installation of new bridges.

Crews have completed the construction of new retaining walls east of Accabonac Road, said Aaron Donovan of the M.T.A., which operates the Long Island Rail Road and is in charge of the project. The retaining walls between the two bridges are now being installed. 

It is expected to take about 10 days to remove and replace the trestles. The North Main Street one will be first, followed by the Accabonac Road one five days later. During that time, Mr. Donovan said, whichever street is not being worked on will remain open.