Library Vote Saturday

    On Saturday, registered voters in the East Hampton, Springs, and Wainscott school districts can vote on the East Hampton Library’s proposed 2014 budget. Those eligible can vote between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. at the library.

    Estimated expenses total $2.1 million, up $141,000 over this year. Staff salaries and benefits, and facilities expenses, including custodial supplies and services, building repair, furnishings, computer software and hardware, and landscape maintenance, at $106,000 and $20,500 respectively, account for most of the increase.

    “Some of the increases in the budget are related to facilities — heating and cooling, since the building will be larger than we had to pay for this year,” said Dennis Fabiszak, director of the library. A part-time librarian is being hired for the new children’s room, along with an additional part-time custodian, “again, because we have a bigger building and more to clean,” Mr. Fabiszak said. Additional increases, he said, will pay for materials such as books and prerecorded music.

    If approved, the budget will mean an average tax hike of $7.76 for homeowners.