Medical Practice Newly Renovated

Nicole Gilbride, Lisa Zaharek, Dr. Anthony Knott, and Nicole Stellato posed outside the newly renovated Montauk Medical Practice that reopened its doors on Friday. Janis Hewitt

    To stand in the newly renovated Montauk Medical Practice you’d never believe it was the same place. Though the exterior of the building has not changed, the interior seems somehow larger and brighter. The walls are painted a pale blue with wainscoting, the floors are a dark wood, and the 12 chairs in the waiting area are also of a dark wood with a pale blue floral print on the cushions. The reception area is less cluttered and more spacious. The building now has four examination rooms and an urgent-care unit.
    Dr. Anthony Knott gave a tour to members of the press on Friday, its opening day, but sat down on Tuesday to talk about what the new office means to him. He’s particularly happy about joining forces with Meeting House Lane Associates of Southampton Hospital. “It’s the structure with the hospital that I like; it’s very positive,” he said, explaining that if one his employees becomes ill or cannot make it in, the Southampton group will send a replacement.
    He also said he appreciates the urgent-care unit at the back of the building that will allow ambulances to pull right up to the backdoor. To make the point, Dr. Knott held up a framed print filled with fishhooks that he’s had to remove from fingers, feet, and other body parts over the eight years he’s practiced in Montauk, first under Dr. Gavino Mapula and then on his own. Dr. Knott said he would now be able to treat various wounds, lacerations, and shoulder injuries at the center, as well as other conditions that would previously require a ride to the hospital.
    If he can hire the proper staff, he would like to offer on-site osteopathic and holistic medicine, since he now has the space for those treatments. A program at Southampton Hospital, he said, is now offering doctors a chance to train in neuromusculoskeletal medicine, or, as he called it, manipulative medicine.
    Since the important phase of the project is now complete, a fund-raising project has begun that will aid in the purchase of better equipment and a fetal heart monitor and enable him to hire more staff for the practice.
    “I have an extensive wish list,” said the doctor, who was seen smiling as he walked down the freshly painted corridor.