Concert Parking at School Discussed

   The East Hampton Board of Education heard Tuesday from a promoter of a two-day August rock festival hoping to use school district property for parking.
    Chris Jones, an organizer of the two-day MTK music festival, which will be held at the East Hampton Airport on Aug. 13 and 14, asked board about using the high school’s parking lot for overflow traffic, providing security and shuttles to and from the event on his own dime. He also offered to write a donation check to the school district for $10,000 regardless of whether the Long Lane, East Hampton, lot was used or not, and an additional $5,000 if the lot was full.
   There were some questions and misunderstanding about this, which led finally to George Aman, a member of the board, making a motion to enter into a two-day contract for $15,000. Mr. Jones agreed.
   “Are you all coming?” he asked the board.
   “Can we park for free?” answered Dr. Aman, with a smile.