The team finished fourth among the 40 Y teams entered

“A sport with a little more action.”
The balance beam, the vault, the uneven bars, and floor exercise — Pearl Ramirez likes them all. Maria Ramirez

For kindergartners through 11th graders

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“We’ve got 82 to 83 kids here all playing travel basketball, many of them almost year round.”

A move dictated by new enrollment numbers
For East Hampton High School’s football team, the choice was to either move up from Conference IV to Conference III “or not play,” said Joe McKee, East Hampton’s varsity coach. Craig Macnaughton
East Hampton High’s baseball team made its debut here Monday in a scrimmage with Southampton. James Foster, the Bonackers’ catcher, is in the foreground.Jack Graves

“But we’re coming for them next year.”
Marikate Ryan, one of the Hurricanes’ captains, did the butterfly stroke in three events. Julieanne Purcell

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‘You can’t read a book when watching hockey — it grips you’
Alan Latkovic, Madison Square Garden’s vice president for season subscriptions, presented Peter Schaeffer, at right, with his own home jersey at the Rangers game on March 4. Erik Peterson