Joe Mensch, who’s in New Zealand for the month, had South Fork fans cheering this past March during the televised Mammoth Mountain Grand Prix. The pro has said snowboarding, surfing, and figure skating are somewhat akin.

Jacob Siwicki
Jacob Siwicki has been told he needs to strengthen his hamstrings so that he can extend his initial explosive acceleration throughout the 20-to-40-yard zone from the line of scrimmage, but otherwise there’s apparently little fault to find.

‘It’s great to be among like-minded people’
Stevie Szycher was the fifth-place finisher, Ashley Delp topped the women’s 35-to-39 division, and Jana Wingender was first among the 25-to-29-year-old women. Jack Graves

Marta Johann, at left, who pitched Men at Work into a best-of-three final with Bostwick’s, and her teammates Elise Thorsen, Catherine Curti, and Maysie Makrianes were happy as they left the Terry King ball field last Thursday. Jack Graves

In the beginning, Tim Donahue, the eventual third-place finisher, led, trailed by the eventual winner, Amar Kuchinad, and the eventual runner-up, Mike Bahel. Jack Graves

Peter Kazickas says he definitely wants to go back
Peter Kazickas
Coach Peter, as he came to be known, was in all likelihood the first American the Zimbabwean kids had seen other than on television.

Joe Vetrano
One never reaches the summit in the martial arts, says Joe Vetrano. Jack Graves

Jim Stewart
Jim Stewart Jack Graves