Mazda MX5 Spec Miata at the Bonneville Flats
Clockwise from top left are Derrick Kielt, Ryan Pilla, Rod Davidson, and Henry Boston with the four-cylinder Mazda MX5 Spec Miata at the Bonneville Flats.

‘Not one class has been canceled yet’
Sixteen hundred stalls were reinstalled on Monday. Jack Graves

Albert Woods, OMAC’s athlete of the year in 2010
Albert Woods, OMAC’s athlete of the year in 2010, recently won six gold medals at the long course nationals at Auburn University.

Jean Lindgren and her husband, Tony Hitchcock, retired as the Classic’s executive directors in 2005. Jack Graves

Bubbly filled the air following the Fuelmen’s rout of Stephen Hand’s Equipment last Thursday to win the final series three games to one. Jack Graves

You can wear bright orange shoes if you run fast
Jessie van Binsbergen
Jessie van Binsbergen, now a veterinary doctor in Hoboken, N.J., caught up with her former coach, Diane O’Donnell, after topping the women in Ellen’s Run. Jack Graves

Ken Auletta winced as the Artists’ Eddie McCarthy launched a three-run shot in the top of the eighth inning that drew the Paletteers to within one at 11-10. Jack Graves

Mike Bahel, who put the event on, was relieved to have been the runner-up, figuring that it wouldn’t have looked good for him to have won. Jack Graves

Adam Kelinson and Jessica Bellofatto were among those who paddled 18 miles from Montauk to Block Island last year. Sue Farnham