The tall, blue-eyed 29-year-old has found her life’s work.
Zivile Ngo accords Chris Cosich, a champion bodybuilder, right, with getting her into competitive shape. Jack Graves

Bonackers outscored Warriors 57-4 all told
A rare sight: an Amityville player sliding safely into second in the first game of April 9’s doubleheader here. Jack Graves

The Bonackers swept through eight scrimmages without a loss
They won all eight of their scrimmages and rode the big rides at all six of Disney World’s parks within an 18-hour period, thus recording a “super grand slam.” Ben Hess

"It was hard to take — we beat Kings Park 15-10 last season”

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“Shows we can play with anybody. . . . It was like a playoff game”
Go Bonac! A frequent spectator at the softball team’s games here is Maizy Waleko. Jack Graves

‘They’re giving it a good, hard effort’
Deilyn Guzman, sliding home above in the Glenn game, and his teammates were 2-3 going into this week’s three-game series with Amityville. Jack Graves

The Sharks presumably will face a stiff test over the May 12-13 weekend in Pittsburgh
The Sharks are steeling themselves for the Sweet 16 regionals next month in Pittsburgh. Jack Graves

A few more good teams
The East Hampton Town men’s slow-pitch softball league may have run out of gas, but, as is evident above, Schenck Fuels hasn’t. Jack Graves