"I have no idea why I was fired"
Kelly McKee hopes to keep coaching. Jack Graves

The three-part race is to begin at 7:30 a.m

Local sports schedule

“I try to flow like water,” he said, with a smile
The Taiwanese-based Shotokan style that Yokota Sensei teaches emphasizes flexibility. Jack Graves Photo

‘It was unreal,’ said Bonac’s coach, Lou Reale
Ceire Kenny and her Bonac teammates are playing this week for the county Class A championship, the first time an East Hampton softball team has done so since 2008. Durell Godfrey

“We’re really thrilled about our inaugural class — it’s a great one”
Howard Wood, who played in the N.B.A. and in Spain, was told by Jim Nicoletti and Joe Vas on May 23 that he would be inducted into the high school’s Hall of Fame. Durell Godfrey

Pierson, which had lost only three games going into Tuesday’s finale, last won a county championship in 2009
Coleman Vila was expected to be Pierson’s starter in the third game of the Class C final in Sag Harbor Tuesday. Jack Graves Photo

Local sports history

The event was put on by the Center for Therapeutic Riding of the East End
Hope Hamilton, 8, trotted on Kirolak, led by Jessie Bihlmaier. Jack Graves Photo

The ominous music from the movie “Jaws” was playing as the teams took the field
Carley Seekamp, at right, and her East Hampton teammates were closely marked by their Eastport-South Manor peers. Nothing came easy. Jack Graves