Alfred J. Callahan III, the second assistant chief of the Southampton Fire Department, found the homeowners' cat hiding in the house during the fire and carried it to safety. Michael Heller
Firefighters battled a difficult fire that started when a Mercedes crashed into a house on Hayground Road. Michael Heller
Smoke poured out of the house. Michael Heller
The fire spread throughout the house after an alleged drunken driver crashed his Mercedes into one section of it. Michael Heller
Southampton Town police led Alec Wasser, second from right, the 21-year-old driver accused of driving drunk when he crashed into a Water Mill house, into Southampton Town Justice Court Sunday morning.T.E. McMorrow
The homeowner, Igor Vishnyakov, left, was joined by Edward Burke Jr., who is representing the alleged drunken driver, Alec Wasser, at Mr. Vishnyakov's house after Mr. Wasser's arraignment Sunday morning to survey the damage.T.E. McMorrow
Igor Vishnyakov said he was thankful no one was seriously hurt. T.E. McMorrow
Igor Vishnyakov looked at the damage to his home.
A child's playroom was damaged in the fire.T.E. McMorrow
The area of the house that the car hit. T.E. McMorrow

Photos released Sunday afternoon show the Mercedes that struck a house on Hayground Road in Water Mill, causing a fire. Michael Heller
Michael Heller
Michael Heller

Jefferson D. Eames EHTPD

Parents urged to designate guardians for kids

Carpenter’s fate will be determined at hearing Tuesday

T.E. McMorrow