The Springs Fire Department was called to 21 Old Stone Highway at about 4 p.m. on Sunday. Michael Heller Photos
Firefighters were met with smoke pouring out of the front of the building when they arrived.
Firefighters dragged a sofa out of the house.

Surprise thank-you for ‘heroes,’ 3 years later
George Lombardi and his wife Antonia, third and second from right, held “a heroes dinner” for those who he said helped save his life. They are from left, East Hampton Fire Department Chief Gerard Turza Jr., Ian Hoyt, in back, Nick Calace, Suzy Dayton, and Barbara Hansen, far right.

A 2010 Ford Explorer crashed through a fence and took down a pole by the Jewish cemetery on Route 114 on Sunday night, causing a commuter headache on Monday morning while P.S.E.G. repaired the pole. It is now being held up with a wire. Durell Godfrey

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