Gardiner's Bay David E. Rattray

A landscape painting by the late Annie Cooper Boyd shows a small stream that was called Little Cream making its way through a marsh by Havens Beach. Both the marsh and the stream are long gone. Sag Harbor Historical Society

Long Island waters are the only confirmed nursery for the threatened shark
Rupert Angelin, 7, of Amagansett held the jaws of an eight-foot-long great white shark that was found dead on Cooper’s Beach in Southampton and recovered for scientific study. Johnette Howard

One of the turbines that is part of the Block Island Wind Farm Dai Dayton

The local drinking water aquifers that we depend upon are being polluted at a rapid rate

2018 was the fourth warmest year for the world on record
During a bird count last month in the Cedar Point to Grace Estate area, Victoria Bustamante came across these trees decorated with shells. Victoria Bustamante

I’ve been an optimist all of my life and I don’t know why
One suggestion from The Star’s “Nature Notes” columnist for improving air quality, not to mention noise levels: Rake leaves, rather than machine-blow them. Durell Godfrey

A total of 118 species were seen and counted under the direction of Karen Rubinstein
Mute swans, like these photographed a little farther west, were seen in decent numbers during the Montauk Christmas Bird Count on Dec. 15. Max Philip Dobler

It was immense yet streamlined in its monstrous, aerodynamic shape
Steven Forsberg Sr. and Stan Dacuk of Montauk landed these double-digit blackfish on Saturday.
Joe Garsetti, first mate of the charter boat Bluefin IV, with a brace of codfish landed on Friday Jon M. Diat

I know a thing or two about feathers
A snowy owl made a stop at the east jetty by the Montauk inlet on Saturday afternoon. The arctic birds move south during the winter, with eastern Long Island and the Great Lakes region generally being the southernmost points of their range. Jane Bimson