One strategic system of land that still needs to expand is the Long Pond Greenbelt
A dead yellow perch by Ligonee Creek in Sag Harbor was found not far from two dead eels. Jean Held

Aug. 28, 1910 - April 13, 2018
Francis J. Kiernan Sr.,Aug. 28, 1910 - April 13, 2018

Judge decides against White family in dispute
The White family farmhouse, on a three-acre parcel on Sagg Main Street, was built in the 1880s and is now owned by Anthony Petrello, who was involved in a 20-year legal battle over the property. Jamie Bufalino

The retail shop will continue to sell the plants grown at the family’s Buckley’s Wholesale Farm on Long Lane in East Hampton
Charles Limonius, who has owned Buckley’s Flower Shop in East Hampton for 58 years, is turning it over to his three sons. Isabel Carmichael

East Hampton Village Police Officer Jack Bartelme led Kyle Lynch into East Hampton Town Justice Court on Wednesday morning, accompanied by Detective Steven Sheades. T.E. McMorrow

The Army Corps determined several years ago that the existing revetment under the lighthouse was deteriorating. Carissa Katz

Mecox Bay Dairy was among the purveyors at the Hayground School's farmers market. Durell Godfrey

Alex Weseley, left, and Hunter Medler came out the victors in Monday's do-over. Craig Macnaughton

On the list of items that can be recycled are laptops and desktop computers, monitors, printers, mobile and landline phones, copiers, cable and wiring, networking equipment, and power supplies. Carissa Katz