Jerry Larsen, left, with East Hampton Village Mayor Paul F. Rickenbach Jr. at a village board meeting two years ago. Christopher Walsh

A restored barn newly added to the Mulford Farm on James Lane will be dedicated in memory of the late Ben and Bonnie Krupinski during an afternoon open house on Saturday. Mark Segal

Jose Romero-Flores East Hampton Town Police Department

The return of the fish crow
As this osprey padded its nest earlier this spring, not far behind were the migratory fish crows. Maria Bowling

The season’s first excursion to check on some lobster traps
When our fishing columnist checked his lobster traps recently, he not only secured dinner, he also found hope for the coming season. Jon M. Diat

John M. Marshall Elementary School students celebrated a collective million-plus minutes of reading last Thursday. Dylan Everett, Sage Quackenbush, Waylon Mattson, and Samantha Leon were among those marking the achievement. Durell Godfrey

A two-week delay in expanded-use permit is negotiated

A visit to Bhutan isn’t just a journey for the senses, it’s a time-travel voyage.
Judy D'Mello
Built in 1637, Punakha Dzong, meaning “the palace of great bliss,” sits at the confluence of the mother and father rivers in Bhutan’s Punakha Valley.Judy D'Mello
While high in the mountains, a nun goes about her chores.Judy D'Mello
Nuns in Bhutan, like monks, shave their heads and don the same crimson robes, and usually spend their lives in secluded nunneries. Jo Laws
Buddhist prayer flags blow mantras into the wind to spread good will and compassion. Judy D’Mello
y Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D'Mello

Republicans run short of time and approval