Crusader watches strand for wayward dogs
dog on beach

Richard Poveromo of the East Hampton Trails Preservation Society stood above the brick-strewn former basement of Isaac Van Scoy’s 18th-century house in Northwest Woods. Russell Drumm

Voters reject calls to block 2011-12 spending plans
A quick poll refresher was held Tuesday for the volunteers who manned the voting booths in Springs, where close to 1,000 residents cast ballots. The budget passed by 126 votes. Morgan McGivern

Vampire Weekend
Vampire Weekend will be the Saturday night headliner.

Enrollment down, debt up, accusations begin

Family seeks resolution; neighbors see bias issue

Cancellation of the leaf program brought savings, but exactly how much?

BLUE Fence
Robin Weingast’s blue fence at Lazy Point has caught the East Hampton Town Trustees’ attention. Russell Drumm