Video gets 28,000 hits and counting; Jitney not amused
A satirical video made by and starring Nina Katchadourian has taken the Hampton Jitney to a broad and growing Youtube audience.

After exploring deep wrecks, one boat returns with two dead in a week
Medical Examiner’s Office removed a diver’s body
At the Montauk Coast Guard Station on Star Island last Thursday, the Suffolk County Medical Examiner’s Office removed a diver’s body from the John Jack charter boat. Hampton Pix

East Hampton Village follows Southampton’s lead
Holding up a bundle of plastic bags at an East Hampton Village Board hearing Friday on a new bag ban, Adrienne Esposito of Citizens Campaign for the Environment said, “Changing public behavior is one of the hardest things to do.” Bridget LeRoy

Applicants say 159-footer is a rebuild, opponents say nothing is there now
Kalikow Dock
The largest residential dock in Lake Montauk belongs to Peter Kalikow and is embroiled in a lawsuit between the Concerned Citizens of Montauk and East Hampton Town. Janis Hewitt

From fish traps to cement mixers, but no puppies!
Gary Sapiane
Gary Sapiane got his start at WLNG in 1966, when he was a junior in high school, and has been there ever since. Heather Dubin

Richard Burns was sworn in Tuesday as the interim superintendent of the East Hampton School District. Bridget LeRoy

A 64-year-old diver died aboard the John Jack Thursday while on a trip to explore a World War II-era shipwreck. Hampton Pix

Stranded on the rocks, 18-foot calf may have had a run-in with a shark
Dozens of people watched Saturday as the carcass of a sperm whale calf was carried off Ditch Plain Beach in Montauk. Russell Drumm

Family claims they are being targeted
Kelly Lester and her son, Will Bennett, stood by the roadside clam and oyster stand she was ticketed for operating. She said it seemed as if state conservation police were giving her fishing family excessive scrutiny. Russell Drumm