The plan was to merge five parcels, demolish an abandoned building, and construct a new three-and-a-half story, 50,000-square-foot building with 21 residential units and a rooftop swimming pool
Several abandoned Sag Harbor waterfront buildings are under consideration for redevelopment as condominiums. Carrie A Salvi Photo
Detailed drawings of a waterfront “entrance” to Sag Harbor were presented to the village’s planning board. Frank Greenwald Illustration

“It’s time to close another chapter in my life,” Ms. Beers tweeted on Sept. 4

This year will be the first full one for the school’s new principal, Robert Brisbane, who assumed his role toward the end of the 2012-13 academic year
Dr. Robert Brisbane brings 26 years’ experience in education to his new position as principal of the Amagansett School. Morgan McGivern

Durell Godfrey Photos
Alexa Aureliano and Mimi Gotthman. Alexa is standing in the photo at top.
A flash of Greene: the children of The Star's books editor, Baylis Greene, and their cousins, from left: Bennett Greene, Penelope Greene, Molly Brennan, Griffin Greene, and Miller Brennan.
Eden and Beatrice Bronster made a festive match with Marders' mannequins table display.
Giselle Paulson's "plus one" was her doll, McKenia.
Roman, Dushy, and Indira Roth
Ben, Rachel, and Hillary Nayman
Katlean de Monchy and Emily Post
Tia Lee and Becky Snyder

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his daughter Georgina Bloomberg, a competitor in the horse show Durell Godfrey Photos
From left: Kathy Prounis, Matt Bershadker, who is the president of the A.S.P.C.A., Whitney Fairchild, and Mark Gilbertson
Barbara (known as B.) Smith and Dan Gasby
Matt Lauer of the "Today" show
Kedakai Turner Lipton, James Lipton, Judy Gilbert, and Rod Gilbert
Beth Ostrosky Stern
Robert Davi
Stormy Byorum in a vintage 1970s dress by Junya Watanabe
Lorraine, Sabina, Edward, and Bella Belkin
Rima Mardoyan and Molly Channing

East Hampton’s diversity is what lured Elizabeth Doyle to John M. Marshall
With equal parts excitement and nerves, Elizabeth A. Doyle, John Marshall’s new principal, has prepared for the start of the school year. Morgan McGivern

It was a terrifying experience for those inside
The quick action of a 17-year-old houseguest, Henry Allman of New York City, prevented a pantry fire from possibly consuming a house belonging to Thomas H. Lee. Mike Heller/East Hampton Fire Department

Real goal is costly septic upgrades, Quigley claims

Mayor wants a part-timer, chief and board say look at the bigger picture