Walsh lived and worked in Montauk in the 1960s and ’70s
Kenneth Bonar Walsh’s style is evocative of 1930s Social Realism but was painted in Montauk in the 1960s and ’70s.
Walsh chose not to title his paintings, even when they were of recognizable subjects.
Boats and Montauk's waterfront were recurring themes.

He was 60 pounds heavier about 20 years ago
When Dan Farnham is not going to mountains to mountain-bike, he does so on the some 25 miles of trails in Montauk’s Hither Hills. Jack Graves

Among the animals in the 2018 ARF yearbook are, clockwise from top left, Frankie, adopted in May; Reina, adopted in April; Grizabella, adopted in October, and Shadow, adopted in May. Francine Fleischer Photos

The gut renovation of the Montauk Lighthouse keeper’s quarters has revealed 100-plus-year-old construction details like this that some on the historical society’s lighthouse committee are loath to cover up. Carissa Katz
Demolition revealed two 1860 fireplaces whose brickwork had not been exposed for nearly a century.Top, Henry Osmers; bottom, Carissa Katz
“We’re going to save everything possible that is historic,” Joe Gaviola said, from the original molding around the doorways to wood floors that were covered for decades with carpet and linoleum.Carissa Katz
Joe Gaviola, the new resident keeper, at the top of the Montauk Lighthouse tower.Carissa Katz
An article in a 1939 Daily News issue found behind the plaster in the Montauk Lighthouse keeper's apartment referenced the Gestapo.Carissa Katz

Cops: It appears ‘some sort of accelerant’ used
The East Hampton Fire Department was called to East Hampton Indoor Tennis at just after 5 on Saturday morning, when an automatic fire alarm went off in an office building. Michael Heller photos

Polar Bear Plunges here benefit constitutions and a variety of causes
Joan Tulp wears a fur coat and a tiara to the East Hampton Main Beach Polar Bear Plunges. Durell Godfrey Photos
Have plunger will plunge, says John Ryan Sr.

Ben and Bonnie Krupinski, above, were killed in a plane crash in June along with their grandson, William Maerov, and pilot, Jon Dollard. Below, boats searched for the plane’s wreckage off Indian Wells Beach in Amagansett on the day of their funeral. Durell Godfrey Photos
Judith Leiber, a noted handbag designer, and her husband, Gerson Leiber, an artist, died within hours of each other in April. Sandra Geroux, Courtesy of the Leiber Collection
Alexander Sigua Pintado, the valedictorian of East Hampton High School’s class of 2018, was accepted into eight Ivy League schools. Judy D’Mello
Firefighters battled a September blaze at the Creeks, Ronald Perelman’s estate on Georgica Pond. Michael Heller
The attorney Daniel Rodgers with supporters of Bryan Siranaula outside County Criminal Court in Riverside in February after Mr. Siranaula was charged with raping a woman in the Springs School parking lot. He pleaded guilty to rape last month and was sentenced to six months in jail and 10 years on probation. Right, more than a dozen people were arrested in Montauk in August in a bust targeting what investigators described as the “largest narcotics distribution ring in and around Montauk.” T.E. McMorrow, Carissa Katz
The deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., prompted South Fork students to join their counterparts across the country in school walkouts calling for an end to gun violence.Durell Godfrey
The Block Island wind farm, seen from the beach in Montauk, offered a glimpse of the future, as a 15-turbine wind farm to be constructed 35 miles off Montauk remained an oft-debated topic in 2018. Jane Bimson
Christian Bermeo’s motorcycle was left in pieces after a fatal collision with a Honda Fit on Springs-Fireplace Road in July. Franklin Bermeo
Following an especially tumultuous year in East Hampton politics, in November David Lys won election to the seat he had been appointed to 11 months earlier. Durell Godfrey
Storms in the winter and fall continued to batter the downtown Montauk beach, again and again exposing a sandbag seawall installed there in 2015 by the Army Corps of Engineers. Jane Bimson

Rasheeda Laird, an aide at the Kanas Center, wheeled a bed onto a porch, demonstrating how the building's floor-to-ceiling sliding doors allow patients to take in fresh air and sunshine. Lindsay Morris Photos
"The building allows as much of the natural world to come in as possible," said Mary Crosby, the center's soon-to-be president and C.E.O.Lindsay Morris
Family members visiting the center receive a document that lays out the details of approaching death.Lindsay Morris
Farrah Etsch, the Kanas Center's nurse manager, spoke to a patient on Sunday.Lindsay Morris
RaSheeda Laird made a bed in one of the center's eight rooms.Lindsay Morris
The center sits on six acres adjacent to a nature preserve.Lindsay Morris
Kanas Center staff members help with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their families in the final days of life. Those on duty Sunday included, from left, Farrah Etsch, Hattie Dantes, Catherine Hart, and RaSheeda Laird.Lindsay Morris
A common area at the center has the feel of a peaceful living room.Lindsay Morris