A visit to Bhutan isn’t just a journey for the senses, it’s a time-travel voyage.
Judy D'Mello
Built in 1637, Punakha Dzong, meaning “the palace of great bliss,” sits at the confluence of the mother and father rivers in Bhutan’s Punakha Valley.Judy D'Mello
While high in the mountains, a nun goes about her chores.Judy D'Mello
Nuns in Bhutan, like monks, shave their heads and don the same crimson robes, and usually spend their lives in secluded nunneries. Jo Laws
Buddhist prayer flags blow mantras into the wind to spread good will and compassion. Judy D’Mello
y Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D’Mello
Judy D'Mello

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That morning everything felt different
Iris Smyles awarded The East Hampton Star-sponsored Local Hunter Pro Hampton Classic championship prize to Holly Orlando on O. Durell Godfrey

“What do you do?”
Firmly planted on the sidelines, the Lady Columnist spoke with Zach O'Malley Greenburg, an editor at Forbes. The East Hampton Star and Craig Macnaughton photos

The novelist Frederic Tuten, a.k.a. the Bronx Brisket, trained the Lady Columnist for the 70th annual Artists and Writers Softball Game.

“My god,” I thought, recalling that Talking Heads’ song, “How did I get here?”
Juliana Su

Shopping and literature are not dissimilar; both deal in dreams
Tim Cree/Creepwalk Media

Iris Smyles

What elusive substance is it that marks the difference between attending a party and partying in the verb?
The LongHouse Reserve celebrated Brooklyn by honoring Dustin Yellin’s Pioneer Works space and Joe Melillo’s BAM Next Wave festival on Saturday night in East Hampton. A Christo-style corridor of sheets was scented to create olfactory art.
Those in attendance, such as Dianne Benson, above, with Lys Marigold on the right, wore their interpretation of the dress code, which was “shimmer and shine in shades of blue.”
Nickolia Tomicic
Ruth Miller, Nathan Joseph, and Lieba Nesis
Vincent Covello and Sue Felsher

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Jan. 21, 1860 – Dec. 30, 1916)
The Hamptons Tea Dance, an annual event that supports New York’s L.G.B.T.Q. communities, took place Saturday evening at Nova’s Ark in Bridgehampton. Above, Gioia Grabos and April Hoo took a moment to lounge on a 50-foot segment of Gilbert Baker’s mile-long rainbow flag, made to mark the 25th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.Iris Smyles