The owners and business partners, Eric Lemonides and Jason Weiner, the chef, have been friends since they were 5 and 6 growing up in Brooklyn
Whether renovating a shed-like building for their first location or taking over the grander and more proportional space they now occupy on Ocean Road, the partners in Almond (below from left, Jason Weiner, Almond Zigmund, and Eric Lemonides) have always brought high style to their casual bistro settings. Eric Striffler and Daniel Gonzalez Photos
Like many other patrons, Bill Clinton appreciates the martinis, left, at Almond’s bar. Right, a photo of their first location.
Typically the mainstay of any great bistro, the steak frites at Almond, with original bordelaise or more recent au poivre sauce, is always worth a try.

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Almond Celebrates Fifteen Years

Local Food News

On a recent trip I was determined to only eat healthy food
At the Minneapolis airport, food options include Aunt Annie’s pretzels and candy-coated apples. Laura Donnelly
Although airports in major metropolitan areas are offering healthier options, there is no escaping the candy aisles in most newsstands and shops. Laura Donnelly

Airplane Carry-Ons

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We decided to meet at Manna, a new Italian restaurant in the old Mirko’s space in Water Mill
Lobster risotto at Manna Morgan McGivern
Marco Barilla, the chef and owner of Manna in Water Mill, is clearly proud of his ingredients. Laura Donnelly

“Producer and consumer are joined in a mutual support system"
Long before harvesting begins, local community supported agricultural programs use prepaid memberships to pay for seeds and other planting expenses at places like Balsam Farms. Durell Godfrey Photos

The Kiembock family has been importing the spirit from Mexico since 2012
Bernard Kiembock, right, can often be seen on the summer benefit circuit sharing his family’s Dona Sarita mezcal with guests such as Kristin Houdlett, center. His daughter, Rebecca, and his wife, Sara Kiembock, are at left. The mezcal is best served with lime and orange juice in a chile salt-rimmed glass, according to the family. Morgan McGivern and Christine Sampson Photos