Getting saucy with food's own little black dress
Cheese enchiladas on top of tomatillo salsa with extra pico de gallo on the side Laura Donnelly

Macaroons are a standard Passover dessert, but there are plenty of other options, particularly now that gluten-free baking has become more popular. Jennifer Landes

“Snout to tail” eating has been embraced by carnivores who want a less wasteful approach to butchering animals. This has helped put offal, such as this pig’s face, more in the mainstream of dining. Laura Donnelly

An array of books and ingredients to recreate nostalgic dishes and current popular fast foods Laura Donnelly Photos
Sylvia’s peach cobbler, which was made from a mix for the batter plus a can of peaches, was “alarmingly good.”
Schrafft’s butterscotch sauce on coffee ice cream sundae

Why is it always the same people who are willing to step up?
Colin Ambrose, the chef and owner of Estia’s Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor, was honored with the second annual Empty Bowls award on Sunday. Durell Godfrey
Joe Realmuto and Mark Smith of the Honest Man Restaurant Group, with Carolyn Stec, the executive chef of East Hampton’s Mill House Inn. Durell Godfrey
Serving up dessert were Alisha Frazer, Nichole Lopez, Sarah Morgan, Marifer Gallegon, and Malary Perez.Durell Godfrey