Academy for autistic children at former C.D.C.H.
Durell Godfrey

An effort to ship clothing and toys for children
Beatrice Flight donned a chef’s hat while her older sister, Scarlett, supervised as the two prepared for a bake sale at the Montauk School to help Houston’s Fonwood Early Childhood Center recover from Hurricane Harvey. Judy D’Mello

For middle schoolers, outrage begets insight
Learning by doing, East Hampton’s seventh graders experienced the arduous task of carrying water from the middle school to the high school and back, which tied in to the subject of a book they are reading in class as well as a film project they are working on in conjunction with the Hamptons International Film Festival. Judy D’Mello

Continuing ed classes will be offered in the evenings starting next month at the East Hampton Middle School and at the high school. Christine Sampson

December vote expected on long-awaited $17.9 million expansion plan