Three recent high school grads are making the most of college
At Suffolk Community College in Riverhead, Santiago Saldivar is thriving academically and as a leader of the college’s student government. Emily LeRolland
Francesca Denaro at Marist College found that by taking part in the college’s extracurricular offerings she got to know her peers and made friends. Melissa DiMartino

The "K" in Accaboanc Harbor was dropped for the most part many years ago. No one told the State Department of Environmental Conservation, which denied a Springs School grant request thanks to the confusion.

Stony Brook Southampton’s programs in creative, career fields fuel resurgence
From his hive of creativity, Robert Reeves, the associate provost of the Stony Brook Southampton graduate arts program, oversees an impressive array of creative offerings in writing, literature, film, and beyond. Judy D’Mello
Chris Gobler, left, a professor at Stony Brook University’s School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences in Southampton, and Chris Paparo, the center’s manager, monitored algal blooms in the school’s state-of-the-art indoor seawater laboratory. Judy D’Mello