John M. Marshall Elementary School students celebrated a collective million-plus minutes of reading last Thursday. Dylan Everett, Sage Quackenbush, Waylon Mattson, and Samantha Leon were among those marking the achievement. Durell Godfrey

East Hampton High School Christine Sampson

It’s half a mile away, parents love it, but board balks despite their interest
Luis Penafiel, center, a Bridgehampton School fifth grader, and Eli McCleland, a second grader, spoke to an accreditation official who visited with students on Tuesday in the school’s library. Johnette Howard

East Hampton High School forensics students visited Stony Brook University’s Forensic Science Lab to “solve” a crime using evidence from a crime scene, including DNA samples, fingerprints, and hair. Elizabeth Forsberg

East Hampton High School students Wells Wolcott, Samantha Totten, Zoe Leach, and Kevin Chabla, in front, showed off a sampling of the prom attire that students will be able to choose from at the East Hampton Library’s prom drive on April 12. Johnette Howard