Alan Alda at last year's Hamptons International Film Festival, where received the Dick Cavett Artistic Champion Award for his lifelong contributions to the film industry. Lisa Tamburini

Local Art News
A light sculpture by Elias Hansen is on view at Halsey McKay Gallery.

Ethel Scull, pictured, and Robert Scull, two early and prolific collectors of Pop Art, made millions on their early purchases, which included a portrait of them by George Segal and a Jasper Johns "Target." Painters Painting
Helen Frankenthaler was the only female artist in the film.Painters Painting
Robert Rauschenberg disdained Abstract Expressionists and talked up newspapers during his interview, while unfurling a yard's long work on paper.Painters Painting

Paton Miller set up his studio in the Southampton Art Center’s rear gallery, complete with easels, work tables, chairs, finished artworks, and — a tricycle? Mark Segal
Kara Hoblin, who last summer created a 10-by-30-foot chalk mural at a music festival in Massachusetts, will experiment with new ideas on a large wall that will be finished with chalkboard paint.

A fireball of invective
John Lovett and Bethany Trowbridge play a couple whose marriage is under stress in Neil LaBute’s “Reasons to Be Pretty.” Dane DuPuis

George Plimpton's many exploits included taking the field with the Detroit Lions.

Jonathan Howe to perform at archives building

Joseph Vecsey to host stand-up show in Sag Harbor

Encore screening of "Allelujah!" at at Guild Hall

Local Art News