The Neoteric Project’s group show featuring work selected by Scott Bluedorn
Works by Mark Perry, Hiroyuki Hamada, Insuh Yoon, Kurt Giehl, and Linh Vivace are hung together in the show. Below, Rosario Varela’s “Ancestors” sculpture has a metaphorical relationship to the exhibition’s theme. Seen in detail to the right are works by Christine McFall and Lesley Obrock. Jennifer Landes and Scott Bluedorn Photos
The works near the entry in the “In the Cloud” exhibition are by, from left, Aaron Warkov, Colin Goldberg, Rowan Hausman, and Aurelio Torres.

A sampler of its stable of artists from here and afar
Sheridan Lord’s atmospheric oil-on-linen painting “Landscape, October-November 1975” is one of several of his works enlivening the back gallery at the Drawing Room in East Hampton.
“Little Tantric Bird,” a multimedia digital print by Dan Rizzie, is part of a suite of small works by the artist on view at the Drawing Room.

First Saturday of the month in Sagaponack
It won't be too long before Madoo begins to look this green again in the early spring, and then even more alive in the late spring and summer. Jennifer Landes

The love story of an elderly couple dealing with family history and the advance of time
Diana Marbury as Ethel and George Loizides as Norman in "On Golden Pond" Andrew Botsford

Friday at the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse

Awarded top prize at Guild Hall’s 2018 members exhibition
Paintings in progress and two of his handmade chairs surrounded Jeff Muhs in his Southampton studio. Below, Mr. Muhs’s concrete and silk sculpture “Callipyge” won the top prize at Guild Hall’s 2018 members exhibition. Beth McNeill-Muhs
The components of Jeff Muhs’s “Mariner’s Gate,” his first foray into large-scale public sculpture, are a classically styled boat hull and cylinders inspired by dock pilings.
In Mr. Muhs’s “The Gunslinger,” tattoo-like, detailed images are superimposed on the back of a naked female body.

Local Art News

With special guests Saturday in Sag Harbor

Walsh lived and worked in Montauk in the 1960s and ’70s
Kenneth Bonar Walsh’s style is evocative of 1930s Social Realism but was painted in Montauk in the 1960s and ’70s.
Walsh chose not to title his paintings, even when they were of recognizable subjects.
Boats and Montauk's waterfront were recurring themes.

Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan brings vast film programming experience to Sag Harbor
Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood is rich in film history. The Cherry Lane Theater was the set for “The Seventh Victim,” a 1943 film noir produced by Val Lewton in which Kim Hunter uncovered a Satanic cult in the Village. Ms. Hunter also lived in the building. Mark Segal