In Sag Harbor
For 10 years, the HooDoo Loungers have performed an authentic New Orleans sound all over Long Island, earning wide recognition and awards in the process. Bryan Downey
Dawnette Darden, center, and Marvin Joshua, left, comprise the frontline of the HooDoo Loungers, co-founded by Joe Lauro, right.

In East Hampton
In “I Am Not a Witch,” an 8-year-old Zambian girl is sentenced to life at a state-run witch camp.

Figurative art at Grenning Gallery
“New Town” by Stephen Bauman has the somewhat flattened and haloed effect of a religious icon. Grenning Gallery Photos
In “Allegory to Chopin (Nocturne),” Ramiro appears to reference both listening and perhaps singing.

Producers and a lead actor have Amagansett residences
Shmuel, played by Geza Rohrig, rows his two sons in a scene from “To Dust.”

The cuts are devastating and they hurt
A very personable Jeff Koons describes the meaning of his “Gazing Ball Paintings” in “The Price of Everything.” HBO

Peter Spacek, The Star’s cartoonist, led a workshop at the Golden Eagle in East Hampton last week, followed by dinner at Nick and Toni’s. Durell Godfrey

Inda Eaton will bring her blend of country, rock, and acoustic music to the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse in Bridgehampton on Friday evening. B. Downey

The third time was the charm
Dylan Greene, East Hampton High School’s choral director, in the school’s chorus room Mark Segal

Alan Alda at last year's Hamptons International Film Festival, where received the Dick Cavett Artistic Champion Award for his lifelong contributions to the film industry. Lisa Tamburini