“Covering Pollock”

A South Fork favorite, the band Suddyn will perform at the Music to Know Festival on Saturday. Helen Olds Photography

Amy Zerner
Amy Zerner, who has combined textile art with haute couture, readied a model for a show at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. Her jewelry showcases the spiritual and astrological symbolism of her work. Monte Farber

Chris Clemence and Dario Forzato of the RapScallions, with their producer, Wendy Starland, at a Grammy party.

Carolee Schneemann performed “Interior Scroll” at Ashawagh Hall in Springs in 1975. The piece is now considered a benchmark in art history and is included in numerous texts on feminist and performance art. Anthony McCall
Kathy Zeiger
Kathy Zeiger, who convinced East Hampton Village galleries to stay open on Thursday nights through the summer, led a tour of them last Thursday night.
In addition to an established music career, Konstantin Soukhovetski has added independent action film actor to his résumé. Peter Schaaf