This year, LongHouse’s arts committee has made some bold and dramatic selections well suited for the unique environment.
Michelle and Melissa Vega enjoyed Sui Jianguo’s “Legacy Mantle (Mao Jacket)” at LongHouse on Saturday. Jennifer Landes
Kiki Smith’s “Women With Sheep” lie among the green leaves of a planted bed at LongHouse. Jennifer Landes
Grace Knowlton's "Spheres" in the dunesJennifer Landes
Takashi Soga "Eye of the Ring" from 2007Jennifer Landes
As long as the frost doesn't bite, many of the thousands of daffodils planted at LongHouse should be in their glory on Saturday.Jennifer Landes
Yue Minjun's "Contemporary Chinese Warriors" from 2005

Hank Williams in Sag Harbor . . .
Ari Selinger, left, will shoot “The Ghost of Hank Williams” at the American Hotel in Sag Harbor. He is pictured during production of his film “Moondog Airwaves” with Conor Murphy, that film’s director of photography. Matt Heymann

Those who can, teach
Kieran Ryan’s “Cautionary,” a mixed-media work MM Fine Art Photos
Sherry Williams’s “Pinky Tuscadero”
Christopher Engel’s “Shine Shrine”- Lutha Leahy-Miller’s “Green Skull”

"Love Letters" at the Cultural Center
Catherine Maloney and Daniel Becker, above, alternate the roles of Melissa and Andrew with Barbara-Jo Howard and John Leonard in the Southampton Cultural Center production of A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters.” Dane DuPuis

In Sagaponack
For the Madoo Conservancy’s winter lecture series, Andy Brand will discuss the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, where he is plant curator, on April 7. Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

A groundbreaking career
Noelle Giddings broke through the white-male-dominated comic book world at DC and helped create a multicultural comics universe as part of Milestone Media. In recent years, she has made art to decorate sets on television shows such as “The Good Wife,” center.
In more recent years, Ms. Giddings has created artwork to serve as set designs for shows such as "The Good Wife," in which this Art Deco-inspired work graced one of the offices.Noelle Giddings
This work could be seen in the judge's chamber in "The Good Wife."Noelle Giddings