Sports Briefs: 05.17.18

Local School Notes

Synchronized Swimming

Meg Preiss reported Monday that Greer Costello won the solo and figures events in her age group at the Region B synchronized swimming championship meet in Phoenixville, Pa., this past weekend. As a result, Greer, Preiss said, “will compete against the top 45 soloists in the country the last week in June.”

A teammate of Costello’s, Kassidy Brabant, a first-year competitor, placed sixth in solo in the intermediate division.


Men’s Slow-Pitch Returns

Men’s slow-pitch softball returned to the Terry King ball field in Amagansett Monday night following a five-year absence. According to Andy Tuthill, there are 10 teams in the revived league. Terry King has been utterly redone, and, according to Tuthill, “looks as good as it did when my dad played.” Rob Nicoletti, who is to pitch for the Corner Bar, one of three Sag Harbor entries, will arguably be the league’s senior player.