Briefs: Field Hockey Post-Mortem, Golf Runner-Up

Local Sports Notes
Bonac's field hockey team finished 9-5 but didn't make the playoffs. Craig Macnaughton

About Field Hockey

Nicole Ficeto, the first-year coach of East Hampton High’s field hockey team, said, when asked why with a 9-5 record her squad hadn’t qualified for the playoffs, “With the power-rating system our wins didn’t earn us enough points to make them. We might have had a better chance if we’d been able to play teams like Miller Place, Rocky Point, Bayport-Blue Point, and Sayville. Sayville also finished at 9-5 and didn’t make the playoffs.”

The team’s leading scorer was Cate Wicker, a senior, with seven goals and three assists. Grace Meyer, also a senior, had five and two, after which came Hanna Medler, a freshman, with four and one, and Anna Hugo, a sophomore, with three and two. Ficeto will lose nine seniors to graduation, but expects to keep her six juniors, seven sophomores, and 12 ninth graders active during the winter with clinics here and UpIsland, and in Wednesday evening scrimmages at the Southampton Recreation Center.

County Golf Runner-Up

Turner Foster, a senior who plays number-one on East Hampton High School’s golf team, and who won the county tournament two years ago, was the runner-up this past week (as he was last year), enabling him to play in the state championships at Cornell University in the first weekend of June.