Recipes: 12.28.17

Toasting the New Year at Home

Toasts for Caviar

If you are serving caviar on its own, make these easy homemade melba toasts to go with it. They will keep for months in the freezer in a well-sealed tin. I serve the caviar with no more than these toasts and wedges of lemon. Capers and onions are overkill.


1 loaf Pepperidge Farm Very Thin white bread

1 stick salted butter, melted


Preheat oven to 350.

Stack about 15 slices of bread at a time, then slice crusts off with serrated knife and cut bread into quarters. Repeat.

Lay slices of bread on baking sheet, brush with melted butter.

Bake about 10 to 20 minutes, until crisp and light golden brown. Let cool, then store in airtight container.



Chocolate Mousse Lenotre

This is the best chocolate mousse recipe I have ever tried. If you are fearful of raw eggs, you can substitute pasteurized egg yolks and egg whites.

Serves approximately six.


1 lb. very good bittersweet chocolate chips, or chopped-up bar chocolate

3 1/2 oz. butter

8 oz. egg yolks (approx. 10 eggs)

2 cups whipping cream

7 oz. egg whites (approx. 7 eggs)

3 oz. sugar


Melt chocolate over bain-marie or in a microwave oven.

Add butter and stir until melted. Add yolks and whisk until mixture is shiny.

Whip whites with sugar to soft peaks, gently fold into slightly cooled chocolate mixture.

Whip cream to soft peaks and fold this into chocolate mixture. 

Chill until ready to serve. This is very pretty piped into champagne flutes!