On the Police Logs 02.07.19

East Hampton Village

An Ocean View Landscaping worker was issued a village code summons on Jan. 28 when police found him cutting or trimming a village-owned tree on Lily Pond Lane without proper approval. 

Police said a handicapped placard was stolen from an 84-year-old woman’s car while it was parked at the post office on Jan. 25. Police gave her a form for stolen disability parking permits at headquarters a few days later. 

Fire and police officials were called to the area of 207 Main Street on Jan. 28 around 4:25 p.m. because of a strong odor of gas. While fire officials found no immediate threat, PSEG Long Island was asked to check on what was called an ongoing problem. 

A loose piece of sheet metal on the roof of a store under construction on Newtown Lane led to a visit by police on Jan. 30 around 7 p.m. An officer noted in his report that he could hear the metal blowing in the wind but was unable to access the roof to secure it. He asked officers on the day shift to contact the construction crew working there.

Police were called twice last week to check on seals. One was simply reported to be on the beach at 75 Highway Behind the Pond on Jan. 28. When an officer arrived, it returned to the water. Last Thursday, a caller said a beached seal near 105 Lily Pond Lane was bleeding from its tail. An officer saw some discoloration, but did not believe the seal was injured. The officer called the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation. 


A Border collie named Buddy died after it was hit by a car in front of 3 Washington Drive early Friday morning. Christopher Albronda, who lives on Fernald Road, said he received a call about the accident from his father around 7:30 a.m. When he got there, Mr. Albronda saw the dog’s severe injuries and took him the East Hampton Veterinarian Clinic, where he died. Buddy had been wearing a collar and tags, but the driver did not report the accident. 

Six fishing receipts of no value and $80 in cash were stolen from Keith Berkhofer’s pickup truck while it was in his driveway on Fernald Road on Saturday night. The 2002 Ford Ranger was parked there between 7:30 that night and 7 a.m. on Sunday. An officer searched the neighborhood but found no other suspicious activity. 

Sag Harbor

A woman in labor called police from a Nissan in front of 61 Hampton Street on Jan. 30 around 12:40 p.m. Police helped her into the back seat of her car until the Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance Corps arrived. About 10 minutes after the ambulance got her to the hospital, she gave birth, police said. 

Last Thursday night, a passer-by saw a hitchhiker out in the cold and phoned police. Christine Sciulli said a man in a gray hoodie was looking for a ride on Route 114 near Lincoln Street around 9:25 p.m. He may have been picked up, because police could not find him.