Rental Law Violations Are Isssued

Southampton Town code enforcement officers targeted illegal rentals in an enforcement operation in Bridgehampton on July 20, issuing 12 notices of violation and two field appearance tickets. Officers visited properties that had been advertised on the internet, but that did not have rental permits. 

Those property owners who received notices have 30 days to comply with the town code. The tickets were issued to owners of properties where officers found tenants. Numerous other properties remained under investigation.

The rental permit law is intended to ensure that properties meet health and safety standards.

“These property owners are breaking the law and risking lives,” Steven Troyd, the Southampton Town code compliance and emergency management administrator, said. 

“A rental permit only costs $200,” he said, “and it could save a life or protect occupants from injury.”

The Code Enforcement Department accepts credit cards and is working to improve the permitting process through e-permitting.