On the Police Logs 07.26.18


Two people tried to walk on the Mako Lane Beach Association boardwalk, which leads to the ocean, but were turned away on July 18 at about 12:25 p.m. The boardwalk is intended for members, who must present a red key chain tag given to members. Police advised the pair to use the public beach access in the future. 

East Hampton

Christine P. Martin was walking her dog at the Three Mile Harbor beach access at the end of Hand’s Creek Road in Settlers Landing on the morning of July 2, when she saw a large, full black trash can and four large cardboard boxes. Assuming they were illegally dumped, she took a piece of the cardboard  hoping it could be traced. She called police again on July 18 when she found 16 empty paint cans in the garbage. 

An argument between friends that live together on Crystal Drive led to violence when one of them picked up a stone slab and threw it at the windshield of a 2015 Toyota Tundra on July 4 just after midnight. Blanca Montano said it would cost $500 to repair the windshield. 

East Hampton Village

A cement mixer truck accidentally poured cement onto the road at the corner of Main Street and Newtown Lane on July 18 at about 8:30 a.m. While police were handling the call, which shut down the road for cleanup, they noticed that a parked Toyota sedan’s driver-side door had been splattered by some of the cement. Police left a note for the owner to contact them if he or she wanted to file a report.

A 65-year-old East Hampton woman asked for police assistance at the East Hampton train station on Railroad Avenue last Thursday evening at about 11:30 p.m. The doors to the train station were locked, and she had left her cellphone charging inside. Police tried to gain access unsuccessfully. She was told she would have to wait until morning to retrieve her phone. 


A double-pane picture window in one of the rooms at the Blue Haven Motel on West Lake Drive was damaged on the night of July 15. A guest agreed to pay $2,000 to fix it.  

A Commack man reported that his backpack was stolen at the Sands Motel on July 16. He noticed an elderly couple having trouble carrying a cooler from their room on South Emery Street, so he put his Hayabusa backpack on a picnic table near the pool and went to assist them. When he returned 15 minutes later, it was gone. The bag contained goggles, a swim cap, an iPhone charger, a headphone charger, as well as Jones Beach lifeguard shorts and hat, a Jones Beach lifeguard Tommy Hilfiger bathing suit, and a whistle, boxers, socks, calendar book, bug spray, and sun blocks. 

Sag Harbor Village

A man reported more than $5,000 in photography equipment stolen from a parked car on Rector Street on July 18. As it turned out, the owner of the car took the equipment when the man failed to return his car. 

Police were investigating a reported larceny on Rector Street on July 18 at about 5:45 p.m. when an officer found a small bag of heroin on the street. 

Teak patio furniture was reported stolen from Baron’s Cove Inn on West Water Street last Thursday morning. A teak trash can, worth $700, was taken from the south side of the hotel and a teak table and two chairs, worth $1,500, were removed from the pool area. 

Anthony F. Hagen of Main Street reported last Thursday that computer hackers had demanded $3,600 from him. He wanted the incident documented.

A boat trailer, worth $1,700, was reported stolen from Ship-Ashore Marine on Redwood Road. Patricia Frank said the trailer was taken between May 5 and 26, but she only went to police on Friday. 

Peter Genatt told police on July 21 that he arrived at a house on Madison Street that he believed he had rented online from July 2 to Sept. 4, to find tenants already there for the season. He had wired $2,800 to a company called Dynamic Logistics Enterprises, and had since emailed Larry Snead, who he said was the owner, but had not heard back. 

A raccoon was freed from a garbage can outside Clara Wilpon’s house on Henry Street on Monday afternoon. Police knocked the can over and the raccoon found its way out.