On the Police Logs 06.28.18

Police helped to free two ducklings that were trapped in a storm drain so that they could rejoin their mother. Sag Harbor Village Police Officer Michael Labrozzi

East Hampton

Dirt bikers may have damaged Krissia Molina’s 2017 GMC while it was parked on Atwell Street on May 30 between 5:30 and 6:50 p.m. The driver’s side front window and mirror were badly cracked, and the passenger side front window had a large scratch apparently made with a rock. Ms. Molina had seen dirt bikers in the area earlier. 

A metal driveway gate on Tall Tree Court was damaged on the night of May 26, or the morning of May 27, according to Sonya Vassos, the property owner. She said the gate was pulled off its bracket. The estimated cost of repair was not provided. 

A white outdoor end table and a solar lamp were stolen from an Ocean Parkway property between June 16 and 24. Joseph Albanese said he and his wife returned from a walk on June 16 and found the backyard gate open. He thought that was probably when the items were stolen. Police canvassed the neighborhood; no one else reported anything missing. 

A boater got 64.5 gallons of gasoline from the fuel dock at the Harbor Marina on Three Mile Harbor for free Saturday afternoon, using a fake name when charging $270.22 to an account that did not exist, police said. 


East Hampton Village

A renter on Jones Cove Road called police on Sunday at 11:55 p.m. saying someone might have been in the house. When an officer arrived, the caller said there was no problem. Apparently the homeowner had been in the house preparing for its rental. 


Sag Harbor Village

Sometime between June 15 and 19, Zohaib Naeem said a 40-inch tele­vision, a bed, mattress, and nightstand were taken from his house on Division Street. The door had been left unlocked and he found it was ajar after the burglary.

On Saturday around 10 a.m., Simon Kitta noticed two ducklings trapped in a storm drain on Veterans Way in Marine Park. Police were notified and with the help of a civilian the top of the storm drain was removed. Police Officer Michael Labrozzi borrowed a fish net from Tight Lines tackle shop and the ducklings were freed to rejoin their mother, Chief Austin McGuire said.

On Monday, a stolen bicycle was found on Long Wharf with the apparent thief sleeping next to it. Upon waking, the thief had no memory of the incident.


Cardboard boxes, household waste, and magazines were dumped in a Mickey’s Carting company Dumpster behind Kalbacher’s Auto on Fort Pond Boulevard between May 11 and the morning of May 14. It had been mostly empty going into the weekend, according to Tracy Erb, who called police to report the illegal dumping on May 14. 

Theresa Deering, who lives on Windward, reported that $999 was taken from her bank account without her permission last month. She didn’t realize it until she saw her monthly bank statement and has begun a bank fraud investigation. 


Police were summoned to Phoenix House on Industrial Road on June 18 after an altercation. A Lindenhurst man, a resident there, said he was watching television when he exchanged words with another man, who grabbed the back of his neck. The caller refused to press charges. 

 After wiring $309 to the Dominican Republic, Federico Rivas-Marin, who lives on Hedges Lane, reported having received several text messages from an unknown person, who sent them from different telephone numbers and different area codes. He reported the fraud on May 25 at 2:20 a.m.