Similar Charges in Arrests

East Hampton Town and Sag Harbor Village police made five arrests on drunken driving charges in recent days. Those charged were first-time offenders and the charges were at the misdemeanor level. East Hampton Village police also reported an April 30 arrest this week.

Raul Reyes, 19, of Southampton was behind the wheel of a 2003 Lincoln LS sedan headed north on Hampton Street in Sag Harbor early Saturday morning,  police said, with a burned-out headlight. An officer made a traffic stop and had him perform sobriety tests, which he allegedly failed. At Division Street headquarters after his arrest, Mr. Reyes reportedly refused to take a breath test, which caused Sag Harbor Village Justice Lisa R. Rana, during his arraignment later on Saturday morning, to suspend his license for a year, pending a Department of Motor Vehicles hearing. “Don’t drive,” Justice Rana warned.

Brian DeSesa, an attorney hired by the county for weekend arraignments when Legal Aid Society lawyers are not available, told the court that Mr. Reyes is a graduate of Southampton High School, gainfully employed, and has lived in Southampton for a number of years. Justice Rana released him without bail.

Immediately after that arraignment, Justice Rana and Mr. DeSesa got into their respective cars and drove to East Hampton Town Justice Court for another arraignment. (Justice Rana alternates on the bench in East Hampton with Justice Steven Tekulsky.)

As Marco A. Grisales-Ospina, 31, a Sag Harbor man, was driving a 2013 Subaru west on Abraham’s Path in East Hampton a little before midnight on Friday, East Hampton Town police said he failed to come to a complete stop at the sign on Springs-Fireplace Road. An officer began following the Subaru and it allegedly again failed to come to a complete stop, this time at the intersection of Abraham’s Path and Three Mile Harbor Road. 

Police said he failed roadside sobriety tests and that his breath test at headquarters produced a reading of .12 of 1 percent, over the .08 mark that defines intoxication. Mr. Grisales-Ospina, who has a Maryland driver’s license, also was released without bail.

The third arrest of the weekend was of an East Hampton man, Kevin I. Reinoso-Perez, 20. He was in a 2007 Toyota Solara headed west on Montauk Highway early Sunday morning near Windmill Lane, police said, when he veered across hazard markings in the middle of the road. His breath test produced a reading of .11. 

“He did take the test, and is eligible for a hardship license,” Mr. DeSesa said. Mr. Reinoso-Perez, a delivery man for a Montauk company, said, “I need to drive for work.” However, Justice Rana said a hardship license to allow him to drive to and from work usually requires a specified route. This is something Mr. Reinoso-Perez apparently will have to take up with whomever he hires as an attorney.

East Hampton Village police arrested a Richmond, Va., man, Robert Curtis Soderquist, on the night of April 30. Mr. Soderquist, 55, was driving a 2015 Jeep on Newtown Lane without turning on his lights, police said, and swerved into the oncoming lane when he turned onto Osborne Lane. Police said his breath test resulted in a .12 reading. Bail was set the next morning at $1,000, which was posted. 

The final arrest of the week was that of Burgess J. Abdallah, who is 31. Mr. Abdallah, who recently moved to Montauk for work, was headed west when he turned off Montauk Highway onto Lincoln Road without signaling early Tuesday morning, according to police. In a week of low alcohol readings,  Mr. Abdallah had the lowest results, just a couple of clicks over the .08 threshold. He, too, was released without bail after being arraigned later Tuesday morning, with a future date on Justice Rana’s criminal calendar.