Also on the Logs: 04.12.18

Local Police Records

East Hampton Village

The driver of a Kenworth truck hauling a large Dumpster was pulled over on Dunemere Lane on April 2. The driver had picked it up at a site on Heller Lane and then headed west to Dunemere Lane despite the fact that he had no stops scheduled on that road, police said. Carlos Narvaez of Shirley was issued a summons for operating a vehicle over 33,000 pounds in an area where such trucks are prohibited.

The next day, Rueben Gonzalez of Sag Harbor was operating a 1999 Caterpillar power shovel front loader, again on Dunemere Lane, despite the fact that he had no stops scheduled there, police said. Mr. Gonzalez told police he was headed to Cross Highway, although which Cross Highway was not clear from the report. In addition to a summons for operating an overweight vehicle in a restricted area, he was cited for driving a vehicle with an expired registration, as well as “several vehicle and traffic law violations,” the report concluded. 

The driver of a Mack garbage truck, Michael Williams of Southampton, was written up for making a garbage pickup at the post office on Gay Lane at 4:52 a.m. on Friday. Garbage pickups are prohibited during overnight hours.

Police responded to a report on Saturday afternoon that all-terrain vehicles, or quads, were being driven on Church Street. When police arrived, they found one parked on a property there. They warned the owner that driving a quad on a public road was prohibited by state law.

A trespasser was reported coming out of the attic above Carissa’s Bakery on Newtown Lane on the afternoon of April 4. He was warned not to return to the building or he would face arrest. 

The owner of a business on Railroad Avenue called police after discovering freshly dug dirt on his property on Saturday afternoon. An investigation revealed that Optimum had been doing some utility work in the area.

Sag Harbor Village

A contractor working on a house on Bayview Avenue called police on the evening of April 4 to report that a man had been trespassing there, making himself at home in an upstairs apartment. The intruder apparently gained access via a fire escape ladder. Greg Konner, the contractor, declined to press charges, as long as the squatter did not return. Police issued the man a warning.

An injured owl was found on the front stoop of a Fordham Road house on Saturday night. Carol M. Salomonson called village police at about 10 a.m. on Sunday to report her discovery. An animal rescue organization took custody of the wounded bird.

Once again, an automated teller machine at Bridgehampton National Bank on Bay Street was vandalized, this time on the morning of April 3. The same man appears to be responsible for two previous incidents, when, as he did on April 3, he stuck a card wrapped in a dollar bill into the machine, thus damaging it to the tune of several hundred dollars in repairs. Police, armed with surveillance video, are investigating.