On the police Logs 03.29.18

East Hampton Village

Police discovered late Friday night that the large mirror in the men’s room in the Reutershan Parking Lot had been vandalized at some point that evening. They made the discovery when they went to lock up the bathroom.



Two women who came to Montauk for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday had their wallets stolen while they were at the bar at the Memory Motel on Main Street. Sinai Pina-Yepiz of Springs and Palma Sanchez of Shelter Island walked over to the precinct building on South Euclid Avenue to report the theft. They told police they had entered the bar at about 2:30 p.m. and placed their coats on the bar, along with a backpack belonging to Ms. Yepiz. Inside the backpack were their wallets. They went to the bar several times over the next hour and a half, and did not notice anything unusual. The last time they saw the backpack was at about 3:50. Ten minutes later, it was gone. Ms. Pina-Yepiz’s car keys were also in the bag. Her wallet contained about $50, a couple of credit cards, her passport, and some makeup. In Ms. Sanchez’s wallet were a $100 bill, four credit cards, and her identification card from Spain. It appears from the redacted incident report that police have a suspect or two in mind, perhaps from surveillance video. Police are investigating. 

In the hours after the parade, which proceeded rather rapidly due to the cold, blustery conditions, several calls were made to police reporting either a “sick/injured person” or an “intoxicated subject.” Several arrests were made for violations of East Hampton Town ordinances, as well, but those reports have not yet been released. However, only one drunken driving arrest was made that day in Montauk and it may or may not have been related to the festivities; details of that arrest are reported elsewhere on this page. 


Sag Harbor Village

Jannis Donnaud discovered that a truck had driven over her front lawn and some flower beds. It appeared from the tracks that the truck had been making a delivery to a neighboring property that is under renovation. She said she wanted the incident documented, but did not want to press charges at this time.

Peter Connelly told police early Sunday afternoon that he had lost his dog in the area of Hampton Street and Deerfield Drive. The animal was described as about 15 pounds in weight, and of a reddish-brownish color.