Drunken Driving Arrests

East Hampton Town police made two arrests over the weekend on misdemeanor drunken driving charges, the first early Saturday and the second early Sunday. 

Robinson F. Sanchez-Lino was behind the wheel of a 1999 Honda Civic headed west on Abraham’s Path near Accabonac Road, when, according to police, the 19-year-old Springs resident was seen allegedly swerving across lane lines. In addition, the car had an “inadequate muffler,” police said. 

Mr. Sanchez-Lino told the arresting officer he had had one beer. A breath test subsequently taken at headquarters produced a reading ever so slightly over .08 of 1 percent alcohol in the blood, the amount on which drunken-driving charges are based. He was released the next morning without having to post bail.

Early on Sunday, however, a breath test by Andrey Karelin, 26, of Brooklyn produced a reading of .12 of 1 percent alcohol in the blood, according to the police. He had pulled out of a parking spot on Main Street in Montauk, headed west, without signaling, police said, and then accelerated the 2017 Dodge Charger he was driving to 67 miles per hour. He was quoted telling the arresting officer, “I had a few, like two beers.” 

When Mr. Karelin was taken to East Hampton Town Justice Court later that morning to be arraigned in front of Justice Lisa R. Rana, Carl Irace, an attorney paid by the county to be on hand for weekend arraignments when Legal Aid Society lawyers are not available, was waiting for him. Mr. Irace introduced himself to Mr. Karelin, which is standard practice, and explained why he was there. Mr. Karelin then said, “I’m just going to plead guilty.”

“That is probably not a good idea,” Mr. Irace told him, and the men went off to have a private conference. At its conclusion Mr. Irace entered a not-guilty plea for Mr. Karelin and he was released without having to post bail.