On the Police Logs 03.08.18

East Hampton

A computer bag belonging to Gregory Monaco was stolen from inside a 2014 Cadillac parked outside a Middle Road residence during the overnight hours on Feb. 21. While the bag did not appear, from the incident report, to have contained a laptop, Mr. Monaco said that he had left a phone charger, several pieces of identification, and two sets of car keys in it. 

East Hampton Village

Police did not have far to go to respond to a complaint last Thursday afternoon: The incident occurred near the dispatcher’s window in the lobby at police headquarters on Cedar Street. A 23-year-old East Hampton woman “was banging on the door to dispatch and yelling obscenities,” the incident report says. “After the situation was controlled, subject began asking questions in reference to a case that occurred approximately 10 years ago, outside of the village.” When told that the officers there did not know anything about the case she was referring to, “she became irate again, and said she would contact an attorney, moving forward.” She then left. 

A friend of an 89-year-old woman living on Stratton Square called police Saturday evening, concerned that she had not heard from the woman in several days. After police knocked on the door, the woman answered, and explained that she had been “having phone issues, possibly due to the recent weather,” according to the police report. “All appears normal,” the officer concluded, adding that he contacted the caller to assure her that her friend was fine.

Cars parked illegally in the parking lot outside the Y.M.C.A. East Hampton RECenter on Gingerbread Lane sparked a complaint to police late Saturday morning. After an officer responded and found nothing amiss, he spoke again with the caller, who said, “It’s the busy time of the day for us. I just wanted to make sure you guys drive through the lot,” according to the police report. 

A manager at the Golden Pear restaurant on Newtown Lane told police Friday morning that a homeless couple had been asking customers to buy them coffee and allow them to “go to their residence to sleep and shower for a few hours.” When the manager asked the two to leave, they became irate, leading to the call to police. The manager signed two trespassing affidavits, and police warned the pair that if they returned they would be subject to arrest. 


Northwest Woods

Marcus Kouffman of MKL Builders, a construction company, told police on Friday that a company sign that had been placed at the intersection of Scoy Lane and Northwest Road had been stolen sometime between last Thursday evening and Friday morning. Mr. Kouffman told police the company had several such signs in the area, but that this was the only one stolen. Police are investigating. 


Sag Harbor

A man was caught on video twice in February damaging the automatic teller machine outside the Bridgehampton National Bank on Main Street. Tara Fordham, an employee of the bank, told police on Feb. 27 that the first incident happened the evening of Feb. 10, when the man, using a credit card, jammed two cut-up dollar bills into the card slot. The machine was meddled with again the evening of Feb. 24; this time, the culprit allegedly used pieces of plain paper to jam the reader slot on the machine. Ms. Fordham said that the damage cost $600 to repair after each incident. Police are investigating.

A member of the congregation at the Old Whalers Church called police late Sunday morning after discovering graffiti on the sidewalk in front of the church that included a swastika. James German was able to remove the offensive symbol.