On the Police Logs 03.01.18


Joseph Fowler and his partner, Sarah DeHavenon, of French Presse Linens on Amagansett Main Street told police on Feb. 11 that an ex-employee had made off with a spreadsheet that itemized the shop’s extensive inventory. The employee, who was not named because no charges were filed, had spent a long time compiling the data before quitting. They valued the time that was spent on the project, along with the missing data, at $8,000. The couple said they owed the employee some back wages, which they would pay, but that they wanted the spreadsheet returned. 


East Hampton

John Lewis, the owner of a house on Three Mile Harbor Road, reported on Feb. 2 that several appliances and cabinets had been removed from it without his permission. Among them was a washer-dryer, which he said he still owed $1,300 on. 


East Hampton Village

A possibly rabid raccoon spurred a call to police from a West End Road residence on the morning of Feb. 20. The caller, apparently an employee, told police that the raccoon was on a second floor balcony. Police called Dell Cullum, a wildlife expert, to investigate. Mr. Cullum said Tuesday that the raccoon seemed quite healthy, leaping down from the balcony and running to an enclosed area behind an outdoor shower.

“I knew it would stay there until nightfall when it would move on,” Mr. Cullum wrote in an email. “Sure enough, when the sun set, the critter left the property, got on the beach, and headed east. It’s the start of birthing season so it’s not uncommon to see female raccoons out and about during the day. However, this was a large juvenile male, who probably got displaced by construction in the area and found the balcony a quiet, hidden location to sit it out for the day.”

It was raining very hard late Sunday morning when a manager at Starbucks on Main Street called police to report that an apparently homeless man had raised his voice and called the manager an obscenity when asked to buy something or leave. The man agreed to go after police arrived and told him that he would have to leave and not return or face a trespassing charge. 


Sag Harbor Village

Kevin Moran came into headquarters Saturday, telling police that, the day before, someone had a scratched his vehicle, a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, while it was parked in the Schiavoni market’s parking lot.