On the Police Logs 02.01.18

East Hampton

The door handle on a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee parked outside a small business complex on Route 114 was vandalized during the day Friday. Linda Ostenberg had parked the vehicle there in the morning. When she returned in the afternoon, she discovered that someone had applied adhesive glue to the door handle. She told police that there had been incidents in the past in which another person at the complex had argued about where vehicles should park on the property. No charges were pressed, but police have documented the situation. 


East Hampton Village 

A Two Mile Hollow Road resident called police Jan. 23 to say that her “basement and yard were flooding due to rain runoff from her neighbor’s property.” She was told to contact a plumber to drain the basement and to consider putting in a sump pump to drain the yard. Police also suggested she report the matter to the East Hampton Village Code Enforcement Department to make sure that nothing on the neighbor’s property has been changed without permits.

An East Hampton man punched another in the face a couple of times Friday afternoon after the two got into an argument over a woman they knew in common. One man was gone when police arrived. The other, who suffered minor swelling, said he did not want to press charges but did want police to talk to the other man. When police did, he told them that the first man was actually the aggressor. Police said both men agreed to stay away from each other.

Police visited a garage sale on Lumber Lane Saturday, after noticing a sign illegally posted at the intersection of Gingerbread and Race Lanes. The man running the sale had obtained a permit for it from the village, as required, but was unaware that signs advertising such sales cannot be posted on public property in the village. Police issued him a warning. 



Police intervened in a dispute at the Montauk Shores Condominium early Friday afternoon. Joseph Murphy told police that his wife had been jogging on the property earlier, when she was almost hit by Matthew Yudelson as he was driving by her. Mr. Yudelson later apologized for the incident, Mr. Murphy said. Still, the men eventually came to blows. Both men told police they wanted the other arrested on harassment charges. “However, after a cooling off period,” the report reads, “and after learning that they were mutual combatants, and both would be arrested on harassment charges, both parties decided not to pursue charges.” Police warned them to stay away from each other.  

Franklin Miller of Fairway Place visited the Montauk police precinct substation Jan. 19 to report the theft of $36 worth of coffee cups he had ordered on Amazon four days earlier. Although he never received the cups, the post office told him that they had been delivered and left outside his residence.  


Sag Harbor Village

Police were called to a Rogers Street residence last Thursday afternoon. Nancy Haynes told police that she had parked her car in her driveway on Rogers Street a week earlier and when she went to it last Thursday, she found long scratches had been made on the driver’s-side exterior. The scratches ran from front bumper to rear. A key or other sharp instrument was apparently used to inflict the damage. 

Petty thievery was the complaint of a Brick Kiln Road resident on Monday morning. Juan Marquina told police that at some point during the night, someone had entered the property and removed a center cap from one wheel on three different vehicles. He suspected a former acquaintance was responsible. Police are investigating.