On the Police Logs 01.25.18

East Hampton

An employee of East Hampton House on Pantigo Road told police Jan. 15 that he had been awakened early that morning by an intruder, who had tried to open the door to his apartment. Richard Kealy said the intruder eventually left the building through the front door. Nothing was reported stolen. While Mr. Kealy said he would not press charges at this time, he wanted the man identified and warned that he will be arrested if he returns.

East Hampton Village

Police responded to a complaint from a David’s Lane woman, who said a landscaper working on a neighboring property had crossed over onto her land. The landscaper told police that he was trying to clear all the leaves from under the hedges that mark the property line, but would not go onto the neighbor’s property again. 

The office manager of a Main Street building housing several businesses told police Saturday afternoon that there was an “irate” woman “in the lobby demanding the police be called about the death of her dog.” The woman, who has residences in Northwest Woods and Manhattan, “was intoxicated and stated she needed a ride to the town Police Department,” according to a report. Village officers suggested that she take a taxi to the town’s Wainscott headquarters, or simply call town police on the phone. They also told her to leave the lobby, which she did.

An officer investigating a noise complaint from an Egypt Lane resident early Sunday traced the sound to a Sarah’s Lane property. The officer found “two large generator pumps pumping water from around the area where the footings were set. Said pumps were needed because of the low water table,” the report says, preparatory to pouring a concrete foundation. The police planned to follow up with both the village building inspector and the contractor to make sure that all the proper permits are in place. 


An officer patrolling Fort Pond Boulevard around midnight Jan. 11 discovered that numerous mailboxes had been vandalized. At least nine boxes on the street had been damaged, as well as several more on side streets. Police checked the area, but could not come up with any suspects.

An Audibon Street resident told police on Jan. 15 that she had been receiving many phone calls in recent weeks from scammers looking to defraud her. She told police that the callers have been asking her to provide private financial information, which she has not done. On the most recent call, on Jan. 12, the caller demanded $500.


Police visited the Wainscott Main Street residence belonging to Jeffrey Colle on Jan. 7. Mr. Colle spoke with police about an incident that had occurred the night before. At about 11 p.m., his three dogs began barking. When he went to investigate, the report says, “he found four or five males standing in the entryway to his home.” Police did not release details of the conversation, as related to them by Mr. Colle, but Mr. Colle told police that when he asked the men to leave the property, they did so without incident. Nevertheless, Mr. Colle wanted the situation documented.