On the Police Logs 10.04.18


East Hampton

Pedro L. Berroa-Cordero of the Bronx said he parked his Honda Accord outside the building on Montauk Highway where he has an apartment and left for work on Sept. 24 at around 6:45 a.m. When he returned, at 3:50 p.m., the trunk, the passenger-side doors, and the hood had what looked like key or knife markings. He estimated that repairing the damage would cost about $500.

The caretaker of a house on Cosdrew Lane reported finding a man in the house on Sept. 10. When Melissa Mahoney of Sag Harbor went to the house around 6 p.m., she noticed a man standing at the bottom of the basement stairs. She ran out and called 911. He was gone when police arrived. 

Alex Smith of Southampton reported that $700 disappeared from her purse on Sept. 9. She believes it went missing while she was at the LongHouse Reserve on Hand’s Creek Road for a wedding. However, she said she had also spent the evening at the Wave Crest Resort on Napeague after the wedding. 

East Hampton Village 

An injured swan was found in the road on Cottage Avenue near Georgica Road on the morning of Sept. 24. Police said it seemed lethargic and had a minor cut on its right palmate, or webbed foot. An officer removed the swan from the roadway and notified the Wildlife Rescue Center of the Hamptons. 

A woman called police when she found what she thought was a human bone on the beach on the evening of Sept. 26. It turned out to be a whale vertebra, and police disposed of it. A badly decomposed whale had washed up onshore earlier that day. 

Upon returning to his house after renting it this season, a man found six shotgun shells and took them to the village police to be destroyed last Thursday. 

Someone reported a large piece of metal washed up on the beach near the Maidstone Club on Old Beach Lane last Thursday morning. The caller thought it might have come from the plane that crashed off Amagansett three months ago. Police investigated but did not find anything. 


Liliana Fasanella called police after her husband found the padlocks broken and cash missing from inside their food trailer, La Serina, which they had parked on DeForest Road on Sept. 10 at about 6:30 a.m. Charles Ma?nion told his wife that he saw the side door of the trailer flapping in the wind and then found the locks had been cut off. About $15 in cash was taken from their cash box, while $80 worth of coins, candy, and snacks also were swiped. 

Sag Harbor

Police investigated a possible peeping tom on Sunday night. A teenage girl told police she was drying her hair after taking a shower at the family’s house on Love Lane when a hand poked through a hole in a screen on the window. She told her parents, who called 911. Her mother found that a white plastic chair, which had been on the front porch, had been moved under the window. Police searched the area, but found no one. 


Sophie L. Parker of Manhattan told police she was at Moby’s on Three Mile Harbor-Hog Creek Road back on Aug. 18 when her driver’s license and credit cards were stolen from her purse between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m. She said she was holding her purse most of the time, but placed it on a table a couple of times while dancing. She notified the bank and filed a report on Sept. 2.